How to Upload Your Files to Ditto

Digital Artists and Photographers will find our upload service a convenient way for us to work together. Please note, there are many variables in each project that can effect production time, pricing and the quality of the final print. Therefore, we recommend a brief telephone conversation to review your project and to determine pricing. Please call our toll free number 866-851-2861, or to have someone from Ditto Editions contact you, please go to (contact us link).

Important Guidelines for Digital Files:
We recommend that you work from a calibrated monitor and you use our printer profile(s).
Our working color space is Adobe RGB (1998).
We print on 100% rag cotton European fine art papers, canvas and other specialty media.
You are responsible for the condition of your digital file.

Our upload process consists of two parts:
1.) Fill out a form that describes each individual image and how you want it printed. If you don't want margins use a zero in the marin box on the form.
Please fill out form completely for each image you intend to send, click sumit button and proceed to upload page.
2.) The upload process itself.
Here's how it works, after submitting your form you will be directed to an upload page. Enter your email address, under subject put in the image's name and then simply select the image you want to upload and hit the send button.
That all there is to it.

Complete This Form and Submit You Will be Directed to the Upload Page