Our Equipment

Ditto Editions uses the newest, most sophisticated, technology available to assure high quality, truly archival fine art reproduction that artists can sell with pride and confidence.

Digital Capture
We use the BetterLight system for precision, digital imaging. This technology eliminates any direct contact with your original art while providing the finest resolution possible at 6000 line per inch. Every nuance of a painting is recorded.

Custom Lighting
The high intensity lighting equipment we use, Buhlite Soft Box lights are free standing adjustable lights. Paintings in any medium are individually lit to avoid highlights while creating the necessary lighting to capture every nuance of surface texture. Low UV and low heat will not harm even restored art. The system’s high color temperature ensures accurate color matching.

Archival Printing
Ditto Editions prints with Epson® 11880 and 9800 Printers and Epson® Ultrachrome K3™ inks . Epson® inks, with their extremely wide color gamut, combined with the finest art canvas and papers provide truly accurate and archival prints that will last 100-125 years without shifting or fading. We print off of rolls that are 35 - 90 feet long by up to 64” wide on our Epson Stylus Pro 11880. Our printers are driven by an Onyx® RIP ™ affording maximum versatility in sizing and plotting to minimize waste and realize the greatest economy. We write our own custom profiles for every type of media used, the profile (also run on the RIP) relays information about the print file and the surface that the print will be created on to the printer. This step is key to quality printing.